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10 Reasons to Choose ALLMI

1.  The  ALLMI  scheme  is  fully  compliant  with the  requirements  of  BS7121  Part  4:  2010  (the  British  Standard  for lorry loaders) and is endorsed by the ALLMI / CPA Best Practice Guide (BPG) for the “Safe Use of Lorry Loaders”.  The BPG is  endorsed  by UKCG, SAFed,  ConstructionSkills,  the  National  Construction  College,  MPBA and  HSE,  and  it can be downloaded free of charge from the ALLMI website.  

2.  ALLMI is the only accrediting body to specialise in lorry loader training and it delivers the only operator programme to be written by the lorry loader industry for the lorry loader industry.  ALLMI’s training standards are developed and maintained  by  the  ALLMI  Training  Committee,  which  consists  of  representatives  from  various  UK  loader  crane manufacturers, importers, fleet owners and training companies, as well as HSE.  
3.  ALLMI  provides  unequalled  and  comprehensive  technical  and  legislative  support  for its  accredited instructor network, as well as all operators carrying the ALLMI card.  No other accrediting body is able to offer such specialist advice and guidance in relation to the safe use of lorry loaders.  
4.  The quality and standard of ALLMI’s course documentation for both its instructors and operators cannot be rivalled.  Instructors receive the ALLMI Instructor Manual, as well as a range of training aids, which assist them in delivering the highest standard of lorry loader training and assessment.  Operators are issued with the ALLMI Operator Manual, which serves as a reference guide throughout their career.     
5.  ALLMI is the only accrediting body to provide an Instructor Course which is geared specifically towards the delivery of lorry loader training.   
6.  Quality,  accredited  and audited  training  forms  the  backbone  of  the  ALLMI  scheme,  in  addition  to  the  rigorous assessment process that operators must successfully complete.   
7.  ALLMI  trains  approximately  six  times  as  many  lorry  loader  operators per  year  compared  to the next best  known scheme.   
8.  Due to the way in which the scheme is managed, the ALLMI programme provides employers with a comprehensive audit  trail  in  relation  to  the  training  of  operators, therefore  providing  essential  support, should  an  accident  occur involving lorry loader activities.  
9.  ALLMI enjoys an excellent reciprocal working relationship with HSE.  HSE has input into many of ALLMI’s projects and standards and in turn, ALLMI assists HSE in communicating best practice and legislative requirements to industry.   
10. ALLMI does not use NVQs or log books as part of its scheme, as it believes that the most appropriate way to assist employers in  determining competence  is  to administer refresher  training  and  assessment  on  a  periodic  basis, as endorsed by Annex B, section 8.6 of BS7121 Part 4: 2010.    
Ian Berrill, Fleet Director for Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, comments “ALLMI is totally committed to best practice and as such,  is  ensuring  that  our  operators  stay  both  productive  and  safe.    So  far  over  1000  members  of  our  staff  have  successfully completed the ALLMI course.”   
Andy Wain and Jonathan Procter from Spectrum Freight have both attended the ALLMI Novice Operator Course.  Andy says “I’d never really used a lorry loader before, but the ALLMI course is so well laid out and delivered that I feel as if I’ve learnt a great deal.”  Jonathan  adds “the quality and content of the training made me feel as if I’d really gained a lot in terms of my understanding of what safe and efficient lorry loader operation is all about”. 
Kevin  Bennison,  Training  Manager  for  Emerson  Crane  Hire  Ltd, comments “I’ve been involved with lifting operations for a number of years and although I consider myself to be a capable trainer, attending the ALLMI Instructor Course has increased my level  of  understanding  and  has  also  taken  my  teaching  skills  and  adapted  them  perfectly  towards  delivering  lorry  loader training.  Since achieving accreditation, I’ve been very impressed with ALLMI’s level of dedication to promoting lorry loader best practice and the support that they have given to me and our customers.”